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Smackdown 2010 - Sunday, January 31, 2010

SMACKDOWN 2010 Elementary Wrestling Tournament



*                 Held Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010, at Columneetza Secondary, Williams Lake


*                 Eleventh annual elementary tournament sponsored by the Williams Lake Wrestling Club;   BC’s largest  Elementary-only Wrestling Tournament.


*                 12 Teams participated.  Out-of-town teams were Anahim Lake, Cochrane AB,  Kitwanga, Horsefly, 100 Mile Elem., and !00 Mile Wrestling Club.  Local teams included Glendale, Mountview, Nesika, Cataline, 150 Mile Elementary, and the host Williams Lake Wrestling Club.


*                 207 athletes participated – 85 girls, 122 boys


*                 Primary Division (Grades 1 - 3):   86 athletes (30 girls,  56 boys);  each wrestler received 4-5 matches;  emphasis on fun and participation -- no points scored,  no wins or losses, all wrestlers earned participation medals


*                  Intermediate Division 121 athletes (Grades 4 - 7):  (55 girls, 66 boys);  wrestlers competed in 3-, 4- or 5-person round-robins;  medals awarded -- gold, silver, bronze, and participation (all wrestlers received medals)




                  - Excellent sportsmanship and enthusiasm shown by all athletes and coaches.  Spectators were supportive – very few issues or complaints reported


                  - Solid on-mat officiating – many good new aspirants in our Zone – bodes well for the future.


                  - No serious injuries reported – qualified first-aiders reported very few referrals


                  - Outstanding participation and teamwork by the Williams Lake parents, High School wrestlers, and  volunteers, who helped make the tournament a success


FINAL RESULTS:    (KEY to Teams:)


                  AL                               =                  Anahim Lake El.

                  CC                              =                   Cochrane, AB

                  K                                  =                  Kitwanga

                  HF                               =                  Horsefly El.                                                                                                                         

                  100                             =                  100 Mile El.

                  OM                              =                  100 Mile Wrestling Club

                  Cat                              =                  Cataline El., Williams Lake

                  Gl                                =                  Glendale El., Williams Lake

                  150                             =                  150 Mile El., Williams Lake

                  Mtv                              =                  Mountview, Williams Lake

                  Nes                             =                  Nesika El., Williams Lake

                  WL                              =                   Williams Lake Wrestling Club




GRP.         GOLD                                           SILVER                                        BRONZE                                      4th


GIRLS  -  GRADE 4 / 5


1.           Amber Nymar



2.           Drew Dostolar            Adriane Kennedy           Chyanne Gauthier

              CC                                        MV                                        100


3.           Jerilyn Billy                     Cassie Hutchins           

              WL                                        150


4.           Corrine Hance        Krystie Jimmie          Morgan Sampare       Jasm Ryan-Vandervies                  WL                                             AL                            K                              Nes


5.           Bethany O’Hara               Laurie Sampere           Brandy Brown-Martin     Delaney Smith

                          HF                                 K                                       K                          WL

                  5th:   Layla Ostrom, --  MV


6.           Trisha Elkins-Billy        Brittany Wakely              Emma Feldinger          Kiarra Brown-Martin

              WL                                        Cat                                        WL                             K


7.           Mikaela Lemon               Natanya Tallio                  Heatherly Mann                

              WL                                        WL                                        WL


8.           Niamae Benson





1.           Taylor Sagar                Christina Sam                   Mel Wintjes              Carliegh Walters

              AL                                         WL                            150                                       150


2.          Tiana Dykstra              Dawn Henley              Taryn Dick                    Kiara Cooper

               OM                                          Gl                    WL                                          WL


3.           Doreen Hance               Laura Pfleiderer         Emma Pfleiderer         Keira Fitzpatrick

               WL                                          150                               150                        Gl


4.            Ainsley Dewbury           Katrina Hesse                Sarah Lachance         Mackenzie Howse

               100                                         100                                         150                          150

5.           Melissa Styran                Delaney Speers              Asha Westwick          Mikayla Mosher       

      WL                                          100                                   Cat                        100


6.            Shayla Mortenson       Skye Forcier              Megan Schelter            Sierra Noble

      WL                                     150                                 K                            WL


7.           Dolly Billy                            Jenna Cahoose          Tai Morrison

              WL                                        AL                                         Gl


8.           Kayla Elkins-Billy        Corrine Edgar

              WL                                        WL


BOYS – GR. 4 / 5                  


1.           Aaron Weston              David Beck                   Noah Peever

     MV                                         100                           100


2.           Dayton Long                  Lucas Scott                   Brett Downey             Brandon Doucette

     Gl                                         100                                   WL                           100


3.            Dakota Sailor                 Harley Mortenson        Donald Bolton                Wyatt Nehring

     WL                                         Gl                                      K                                 WL


4.           Matt Wessels            Justice Noel                   Jake Ibbotson            Damon Hawkins

              150                               Gl                                          Gl                            Nes


5.           Blain Manuel              Antoin Morgan             Dakota Mort-Brady       Sid Matthews    

     150                                        K                               150                             WL


6.           Connor McNeice            Stakiah Loring                Warren McNabb            Jordan Asp

     CC                                          K                                      100                              K


7.            Mark Wijma                Justin Chamberlain        Nathan Hoy                     River Bright

                  HF                                                 AL                      HF                                       K


8.            Braydon Haines               Jah Gillespie            Dustin Reid                   Curt Campbell

`    WL                                              HF                       OM                               100


9.            Kurtis Donovan           Daine Dubois               Myles Pare                   Brenden Westwick

     150                                       150                           AL                                    Cat

          5th:  Jacob Gilpin – WL


10.         Braden Conrod              Wyatt Bishop               David Matheson         Spencer Friesen

     WL                                        OM                              WL                             150

          5th:  Silas Gleason – Gl


11.         Braeden Pickard              Taylor Russell

              MV                                        K


12.        Tucker McGladdery        Brenden Jamieson    

     Gl                                            100



BOYS – GR. 6 / 7


1.        Rob Green          Sam Gilpin

                  WL                              WL


2.         Callum McNeice     Cyle Tugnum      Zack Tait     Matt Ibbotson

  CC                                  WL                K                    Gl


3.      Jesse Stich             Spencer Pattison       Daven Mapson      Robert Paul          

OM                                       Gl                  OM                            MV

    5th:  Dean Montgomery – MV


4.      Kurtis Olson           Ty Feldinger   Zach Young         Sam Munroe    

MV / WL                          WL                WL                MV


5.      Tesslar Sellars



6.        Rob Parma





Kelly rds & Ogopogo - Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ogopogo & Kelly Roads Results - Thursday, January 14, 2010

Williams Lake Wrestling Club’s 2010


Ogopogo Invitational Results



Jerilyn Billy, Braden Conrol, Corrine Edgar, Matthew Elkins, Trisha Elkins-Billy, Ty Feldinger, Doreen Hance, Mikaela Lemon, Christine Sam, Netanya Tallio


Dollie Billy, Kiara Cooper, Emma Feldinger, Brayden Haines, Sherry Hance, Dakota Sailor


Shekiera Dick, Alexander Eves, Samuel Gilpin, Corinne Hance, Matthew Matheson, Sidney Matthews, Jolene Sam, Cyle Tugnum


Cecile Alphonse, Taryn Dick, Syanna Elkins, Kayle Elkins-Billy, Jacob Gilpin, David Matheson, Sierra Noble, Tessler Sellars

FIFTH PLACE                                        SIXTH PLACE

Cheyenne Billy, Everett Stump            Austin Kraberger


Williams Lake Wrestling Club’s 2010


Kelly Road Invitational Results



Mylissa Widdoes, Tyler Schwartz


Kelly O’Connor


Tracii Joseph, Tyler Jensen

FIFTH PLACE                                       

Kayla Curtis, Jeff Robertson



Hannah Storoschuk, Dylen Matheson


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